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Most likely if you're reading this page, you're wondering if therapy might be helpful to you or your family.  You may have experienced hardship, abuse or loneliness and wonder if you're ever going to really feel okay.

You may feel that you are really different from other people, don't really belong and have a hard time connecting and forming lasting friendships.

You may find that time goes really fast and you can't figure out where the time has gone, more so than other people.

Some memories may haunt you, while other memories seem removed or even inaccessible.

You may find yourself doing things that don't seem like yourself at all.  You may feel strong emotions without understanding why or be unable to feel when it seems like you should.

There are some very good treatments for these symptoms.  They take time, as the situations that led to them developed over time, but EMDR and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy can often be very effective in reducing and sometimes eliminating symptoms of trauma.

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Sara Brashear, LMFT Lic. MFC 51676